Every time you come into contact with the medical profession – whether it’s your GP, in a hospital or even in your local pharmacy – you will be benefiting to some extent from the results of medical research. The mere fact that life expectancy for most of us is significantly greater than for our parents or grandparents is due largely to advances in medical science. This progress did not happen by accident. It was the result of a vast amount of medical research throughout the world. We all want that progress to continue – don’t we? – so that the many remaining ailments which can still so often blight individual lives can be eliminated.

Who are we?

We are a charity established to fund medical research at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust for the benefit of all in the Wessex region and the wider community.

What do we do?

We provide start-up grants for young medical scientists to help launch their research careers. We also support more advanced research into specific projects such as breast, prostate and ovarian cancers, cervical cancer Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

What are we doing right now?

We provide five Innovation Grants of up to £20,000 a year to early career researchers

We are currently funding thirteen PhD studentships—helping to foster the next
generation of medical researchers 

Help us today


We have a constant need for donations to support our ongoing policy of making grants for critical medical research.